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Below you will see a number of brief reports from events that we have been to with our Serow's.

30th November 2008

The Leamington Victory Motorcycle Club once again put on a Fun Day for our local TRF group and The Southam Trail Riders. Trials sections were marked out for those that wanted to ride them and for those that did'nt,the field was available to ride as they pleased. We had a couple of customers there riding SEROWS supplied by us and also one of our own. Another good day was had by all.

7th October 2008

Sunday 5th saw the second running of THE SOUTH WARWICKSHIRE LONG DISTANCE TRIAL organised by Leamington Victory MC & LCC together with Southam Trail Riders. The route followed around 60 miles of private land and rights of way with 25 observed sections including one timed test. The rain over night and through the morning made the sections interesting and the going between sections was better than last year with less tarmac miles, which made for a very enjoyable day. Once again the trusty SEROW performed better than the rider.

21st April 2008

We rode The SPHINX LONG DISTANCE TRIAL yesterday, organised by the Cheltenham Home Guard Motor Cycle Club. It consisted of approx. 80 miles of riding around the Cotswolds on Rights of Way and private land with 29 observed sections, a graded hillclimb and 2 special tests. Amongst the varied bikes entered there were about a dozen SEROWS, and although we rode like numpties our two finished the day without any problems. One observer commented to me that "he thought the SEROW was the perfect bike for this type of event", I would not disagree.

22nd September 2008

Yesterday we rode the 2008 OK SUPREME LONG DISTANCE TRIAL organised by The Stratford-upon-Avon M.C.C. and sponsored by Behind Bars of Kenilworth. As in previous years this was approximately 70 miles with this year 26 observed sections. With fantastic weather on the day this was a very enjoyable event and the SEROW performed as expected.

8th August 2008

Wednesday evening was the last of the 4 round EARL SHILTON TRIALS CLUB 'DEAD EASY SUMMER SERIES'. Having missed the 3rd round due to being of the bike for 8 weeks with an injury I was loooking forward to the ride . Again the weather was perfect and I managed to post my lowest score of the series. The SEROW of course performed fautlessly as you would expect. It was nice to see a few riders on trail bikes amongst the modern and twinshock bikes. Thanks to the guys at the club for organising the series and we look forward to next year.

9th June 2008

Our local TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) group,the West Midlands TRF had a Fun Day yesterday, which we took 2 SEROWS along too. The day was made up of 3 laps of 8 trials sections and then 3 laps of a track against the clock as a tie breaker. Both SEROWS behaved perfectly as usual, both taking an undignified bath as the riders ran out of talent. Both re-started and ran without any problems. Two other riders were also on SEROWS that we have supplied, again, ran perfectly all day.

Huge thanks to The Leamington Victory Motor-Cycle Club for the use of their land, marking out and obeserving the sections, all we had to do was turn up and ride.

8th May 2008

Last night was the first of the EARL SHILTON TRIALS CLUB 'DEAD EASY SUMMER SERIES'. That's dead easy if your a good rider on a trials bike, but not if your a muppet on SEROW. Some of the 10 sections were quite challenging, but, throughout the 4 laps (40 sections) the bike was faultless, which is more than could be said for the riding. A big thankyou to Phil and Pete and everyone else at the club for putting on this event.

6th June 2008

The second round of the EARL SHILTON TRIALS CLUB 'DEAD EASY SUMMER SERIES' took place on Wednesday eveing in unexpected sunshine.The 4 laps of 10 sections proved to be a very enjoyable ride round. With the trusty SEROW performing as expected I managed to reduce my score to less than half of the first round. Again thanks to the guys at Earl Shilton for making the effort to provide a relaxed midweek event.